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Following in our father’s footsteps, Sean and Ann Agnew’s only son mastered the craft of his family trade and today leads the team as head baker. Carrying on the baking tradition in this way has allowed our family to embrace our baking heritage and establish a reputation for consistent quality. Our team of local artisan bakers are dedicated to their professions, all beginning their careers early by joining local bakers as young and eager apprentices. They thrive off the baker's lifestyle, from the dawn starts on a summer’s morning, to the satisfying aroma of hot sausage rolls in mid-winter. Their passion is reflected in the consistent excellence of our classic Northern Irish products, ranging from sweet, nostalgic traybakes to hearty and healthy breads.


Building on tradition, our bakers are experts in experimentation, trying new flours and flavours to continually evolve and enhance Northern Ireland’s baking cuisine. Handcrafted, steeped in brandy and now developed with a wheat free grain, our award winning Spelt Pudding is the star of the show, renowned for its reinvention of a nostalgic classic.

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